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Multifunctional cosmetic device F-815...
Multifunctional cosmetic device F-815...
Multifunctional cosmetic device F-815...

Multifunctional cosmetic device F-815 5 in 1

   The advantages of this multiEquipment are:

  • 5 different functions in one device
  • Easy to use
  • Disinfects the skin
  • Smoothes the skin
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This high-quality and practical multifunctional device has 5 different functions:

    • ultrasound - phonotherapy
    • high frequency ozonizer
    • galvanization - iontophoresis
    • vacuum
    • spray

Ultrasound treatment of the skin with the help of heads is a very pleasant and painless method. It consists in the use of generated vibrations, which in addition to micromassage also bring a gentle heating effect, thus adequately stimulating skin cells. Ultrasonic waves open the pores, so the skin is better able to absorb various active ingredients. 

High frequency - ozonizer with 4 glass electrodes in the shape of a mushroom, spoon, dot and rod, used to cure or alleviate acne skin. It is filled with argon gas, which treats acne-prone skin and has excellent antibacterial and healing effects.

Galvanization uses direct current and the healing properties of the positive or negative pole to achieve a deep skin treatment. The energy from galvanic ion exchange promotes cell regeneration and impurities from the pores reach the surface. After cleansing, the creams and gels are subsequently transported deeper into the skin. This makes the skin more hydrated, tightens and reduces wrinkles.

Vacuum & Spray (2 functions combined in one) gently cleanses the skin. Grease and deep-seated dirt are released and transported to the surface, where they are easily removed. The spray from the bottle hydrates the skin with a fine powder of the desired products. The vacuum uses negative pressure to absorb dirt and during suction there is a good blood supply and awakening of the activity of the lymphs.

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13 cm
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7 kg
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Does the use of the device require training in procedures?

The procedures seem simple, but training is required. The desired effect can only be achieved with suitable know-how.

Is it possible to order spare accessories for the device (filters, heads or probes, electrodes ...)?

Yes, you can order replacement accessories for your device if it is available with the device.

What happens if the device fails?

If there is a problem and you have questions, you can always contact our service team. When making a complaint, please fill out our form: https://mimera.com/sk/reklamacny-formular/. We will then contact you.

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