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Cosmetic trolleys

Multifunction cosmetic... Multifunction cosmetic... 2
    In stock
    Cosmetic Salon Equipment

    Multifunction cosmetic stand CORBY

    €539.00 Tax included €646.80
       The advantages of this multifunctional stand are:Stand for lamp and steamer Castors 6 slots for cosmetics instrument Easy handling
    Multifunction cosmetic... Multifunction cosmetic... 2
      In stock
      €319.00 Tax included €382.80
         Advantages of this multifunctional stand are:2 glass shelves 1 shelf for beauty appliance Pretreatment for lamp and steamer Castors
      Beauty trolley FANCY Beauty trolley FANCY 2
      • -20%
      In stock
      Cosmetic Salon Equipment

      Beauty trolley FANCY

      €236.00 Tax included €283.20 €354.00
         The advantages of this beauty trolley are:High quality 3 drawers storage roll
      Beauty trolley SWIFT SANDAL... Beauty trolley SWIFT SANDAL... 2
      • On sale!
      • -20%
      Last items in stock
      Cosmetic Salon Equipment

      Beauty trolley SWIFT SANDAL - Second class!

      €159.20 Tax included €191.04 €238.80
         The advantages of this beauty trolley are:2 drawers 1 shelf wheels
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      Cosmetic trolleys and tables are used for storing small items and tools required for work in a beauty salon or hairdressing salon. They should look elegant and fulfil their purpose at the same time. When choosing a beauty trolley, focus on the following parameters.

      1. Size

      When choosing, you should consider the available space you have and adjust the dimensions of the trolley accordingly. Also think about its location within the salon. The trolley should not be in the way and should allow you to easily walk around it.

      2. Function and design of the table

      Storage space - storage spaces should be large enough. Think about what items and tools you want to store in the trolley. Fragile or expensive materials are better stored in drawers. Separate compartments will ensure that tools are not moved and piled up when the trolley is moved.

      Integrated basket - some trolleys have an integrated basket in addition to the storage compartments

      Mobility - an important feature of the trolley is the ability to move it around, thus saving space in the salon.

      3. Quality

      Material - beauty trolleys are most often of metal construction. Shelves and drawers can be made of wood, plastic or durable glass. Castors are most often hard plastic, silicone or rubber.

      Stability - the strength of the frame ensures the stability of the trolley.

      Durability - the trolley is used for frequent relocation, so the wheels should be sufficiently resistant to wear and tear. At the same time, they should not cause damage to the floor, even with heavy loads, allowing for easy handling. Easy maintenance of the wheels in trapping dirt and hair is equally important.

      Easy installation

      Maximum load capacity

      4. Design

      Sleek, modern design should be in keeping with the elegance of the salon.

      Beauty trolleys in the Mimera range

      Mimera beauty trolleys offer elegant design and functionality in one. They are characterised by quality materials, easy assembly and ample space for your tools. Whatever industry you work in, you're sure to find the right trolley for your salon. Mimera brings you quality beauty trolleys at very affordable prices. They are all tested and certified according to EU standards.

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