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Multifunctional cosmetic device F-332...
Multifunctional cosmetic device F-332...

Multifunctional cosmetic device F-332 4 in 1

   The advantages of this MultiEquipment device are:

    • 4 functions in one device
    • Deeply cleanses the skin without any pain
    • Increases collagen and elastin production
    • Reduces and smoothes wrinkles
    • It relaxes the muscles of the skin

In stock
€670.80   Tax included


This multifunctional beauty device combines 4 functions:

  • diamond microdermabrasion
  • ultrasonic spatula - skin cleansing
  • ultrasound head - incorporation of sera and active substances
  • cold and hot hammer - thermotherapy

Diamond microdermabrasion is a modern and effective exfoliation method that uses a diamond tip to gently remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are aspirated, while aspiration pressure increases blood circulation and stimulates cell regeneration. The appearance of the skin becomes softer, the pores are smaller and the reproduction of skin cells is stimulated.

The ultrasonic spatula works on the basis of ultrasonic waves, which emanate from the metal head, break up high water molecules and thus cleanse the skin. This function performs cavitation peeling. It is a non-invasive and painless cleaning procedure based on cavitation, which allows the effective removal of dead cells from the surface of the epidermis.

Ultrasound treatment of the skin with the help of heads is a very pleasant and painless method. It consists in the use of generated vibrations, which in addition to micromassage also bring a gentle heating effect, thus adequately stimulating skin cells. Ultrasonic waves open the pores, so the skin is better able to absorb various active ingredients.

Cold and hot hammer is a method of treatment that uses the positive properties of heat and cold. During the thermo function, the head heats up and, under the influence of heat, the skin pores expand, stimulate the metabolic process and relax the tense muscles.
The cryo function uses cold, when the cold part of the hammer closes the pores, reduces inflammation and redness of the skin after deep cleansing. Temperature range from 5ºC to 40ºC.

Types of waves

Uninterrupted waves  - deep cleansing of the skin, perfect removal of the stratum corneum, removal of comedones, lymphatic drainage effect, removal of metabolic products, reduction of fat pads

Intermittent waves  - support of absorption of hydrophilic and lipophidic substances, vitamin ampoules, skin serums

Intermittent waves  - treatment of sensitive skin, stimulation of the metabolic process and the formation of enzymes

Replacement accessories

Product height
10 cm
Product length
33 cm
Product width
27.5 cm
Product weight
Package weight
No reviews

Does the use of the device require training in procedures?

The procedures seem simple, but training is required. The desired effect can only be achieved with suitable know-how.

Is it possible to order spare accessories for the device (filters, heads or probes, electrodes ...)?

Yes, you can order replacement accessories for your device if it is available with the device.

What happens if the device fails?

If there is a problem and you have questions, you can always contact our service team. When making a complaint, please fill out our form: https://mimera.com/sk/reklamacny-formular/. We will then contact you.

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