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    Magnifier lamp LAVIA 3 diopters with...
    Magnifier lamp LAVIA 3 diopters with...
    Magnifier lamp LAVIA 3 diopters with...
    Magnifier lamp LAVIA 3 diopters with...

    Magnifier lamp LAVIA 3 diopters with stand

        The advantages of this magnifying lamp are:

    • 3-dioptric LED magnifying glass
    • Swivel arm
    • Wheels for easy movement
    In stock
    €118.80   Tax included


    This round lamp with 3 diopters is ideal for cosmetic and foot care treatments. It offers sufficient movement possibilities and is delivered with a very stable 5-wheel tripod.

    Product height
    85-178 cm
    Product weight
    7.5 kg
    Package weight
    8.5 kg
    Delivery includes
    statív, lampa
    Other features
    statív, lampa
    Intensity level
    Type of light
    Light bulb
    3 Dioptry
    Light intensity
    Leuchtröhre Parameter (Lumen)
    Minimum height in cm
    Maximum height in cm
    No reviews

    What do the diopters say about a magnifying lamp?

    3 diopters are 1.75 times magnification, 5 diopters are 2.25 times magnification, and 8 diopters are 3 times magnification.

    What is the recommended magnification?

    Magnificationlamps with 3 diopters are often used in cosmetics or foot care treatments, while magnificationlamps with 5 diopters are mostly used for eyelash extensions and permanent make-up treatments. Magnificationlamps with 8 diopters are used during blading or when the user has poor eyesight.

    What is the difference between LED and round light?

    An LED lamp requires only 3 to 5 watts and works about ten years. While the lamp is switched on, it does not generate heat and is very bright. In addition, LED lamps are more environmentally friendly. A round light needs about 22 watts and works for about two to three years. The light of a round light is rather dull in contrast to the light of a LED lamp.

    Are there still warm lamps or only cold lamps?

    Nowadays there are only cold light bulbs.

    How do I clean my magnifying lamp most gently?

    The most gentle way is to clean a magnifying lamp with a soft cloth and a disinfectant spray.

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