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    Electric cosmetic bed MABEL PLUS E4 -...
    Electric cosmetic bed MABEL PLUS E4 -...
    Electric cosmetic bed MABEL PLUS E4 -...
    Electric cosmetic bed MABEL PLUS E4 -...
    Electric cosmetic bed MABEL PLUS E4 -...
    Electric cosmetic bed MABEL PLUS E4 -...

    Electric cosmetic bed MABEL PLUS E4 - swivel with heating

       The advantages of this cosmetic bed are:

    • 4 quality and quiet engines
    • Extra soft increased upholstery
    • Built-in heating
    • Low minimum height
    • Safety sensors
    • Hand control in the package
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    The MABEL PLUS E4 cosmetic bed is the top of the model range. This extremely multifunctional bed comes with extra accessories and premium features.

    It is equipped with extra soft upholstery covered with PU leather with a smooth pattern (Microgoove) with a height of 13 cm which will give your clients a smile on their face. Another premium feature - the heating function, will further increase their comfort and will make the procedure even more pleasant.

    Other significant advantages of this bed are its low minimum height and the rotation (swivel function), which will enable comfortable bed mounting even for smaller or older clients. The bed is equipped with four motors, which allow you to adjust the height of the bed, the inclination of the backrest, the inclination of the seat (cradle) and the foot part. Its position is adjusted by buttons built into the back and seat, by means of a manual remote control (included in the package), or an optional pedal control.

    The important advantages of this bed are the RESET, LOCK and two safety sensors functions. The RESET function allows you to return the bed to its original position at the one touch of a button. The LOCK function allows you to fix the selected position of the bed.

    An electronic safety sensor, which is built into the back of the backrest, stops the movement of the bed if it detects an obstacle and this prevents possible injury or damage. Another safety sensor is manual and is located at the point of contact of the foot extendable part. This deactivates the RESET button when the lower part of the bed is extended and thus protects it from damage.

    The foot part of the bed is tiltable at an angle of 0-80 ° and its length can be smoothly adjusted manually.

    The headrest is adjustable in three directions and has a cutout for the face. It can also be completely removed.

    The armrests can be folded or removed for better access.

    Key features:

    • Extra soft increased upholstery
    • Built-in heating
    • Rotation (Swivel function)
    • Low minimum height (56cm)
    • Security features
    • RESET and LOCK function
    • 4 silent motors for electric height adjustment (56-87cm), backrest (0 ° ~ +75 °) seat inclination (0 ° ~ +30 °) and footrest (0-80 °)
    • Manual remote control included
    • 3D adjustable headrest with cutout on the face
    • Removable armrests

    Optional accessories

    About the brand name Silverfox

    Electric beds and chairs of the brand name Silverfox are unique due to their high performance, quality design and an extraordinary ratio -value between the price and the quality.

    • Reliable and silent made motors of the brand name
    • Upholstery which provides comfort and sturdiness
    • Stable construction
    • Longevity

    Product height
    58-89 cm
    Product length
    178 cm
    Product width
    60.4-84 cm
    Product weight
    100 kg
    Packing height
    64 cm
    Package length
    130 cm
    Packaging width
    78 cm
    Package weight
    113 kg
    Maximum load
    175 kg
    2 Items
    No reviews

    How to clean the PU upholstery?

    When cleaning artificial PU leather, avoid strong chemicals that could damage or completely destroy it. Products designed for genuine leather are not suitable for PU leather, so be sure not to use them. A wet cloth in clean water or a weak soap solution will suffice for routine maintenance. The cloth must not stain and its ideal if it is white. Subsequently dry the surface with a clean dry cloth. Warning: Always use certified products to disinfect the upholstery in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions. Ideally, try their effect first on a small hidden area. Always apply the disinfection with a cloth, not a spray (WHO recommendation, 16.5.2020) and after using the disinfection, wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove disinfectant residues. Subsequently dry the surface with a clean dry cloth. Improper or frequent use of disinfectants can have negative consequences for the durability and quality of the upholstery. Manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for possible aformentioned upholstery damages. As an alternative, we recommend the use of disposable hygienic sheets.

    With up to what weight can a bed be loaded at maximum?

    The bed can be loaded with up to 175 kg.

    Do I have to assemble this beauty bed by myself?

    No this bed is already assembled. You only have to connect extension parts such as armrests, headboard or foot part (if there are such parts).

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