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High-temperature digital sterilizer...
High-temperature digital sterilizer...
High-temperature digital sterilizer...
High-temperature digital sterilizer...
High-temperature digital sterilizer...

High-temperature digital sterilizer 152ml

   The advantages of this digital sterilizer are:

    • Volume: 152ml
    • Power: 80W
    • Recommended operating time: 15 min
    • Voltage: 220-240V
    • Frequency: 50-60 Hz

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This modern high-temperature digital sterilizer is perfectly suited for cleaning instruments such as scissors, tweezers and other small metal tools. It destroys bacteria with the help of hot air by heating a small tank with quartz beads that are included.

It is designed for beauty salons, wellness centers and the like. The high-temperature sterilizer utilizes high-temperature properties to kill bacteria with quartz beads that slow down the cooling of devices after sterilization.


  1. Do not use the sterilizer in a humid environment (eg in a bathroom, etc.).
  2. Place the sterilization instruments in the sterilizer well wiped with a cloth.
  3. The quartz beads inside the sterilizer should be cleaned after each use.
  4. Do not use the machine if the beads are broken.
  5. Place the beads in the sterilizer before you turn on the appliance.
  6. The machine cannot disinfect plastic tools, it only disinfects metal tools.
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What is the difference between sterilizing and disinfecting?

Through sterilization, pathogens can be killed or removed at any stage of development. Disinfecting means bringing dead or living material in a state that is no longer infective.

When do I have to sterilize and when do I have to disinfect?

When invasive interventions or applications are performed with instruments or other work tools, where, for example, contact with skin, muscels or cells takes place, packaged sterilization must be carried out. For interventions or applications where a detectable risk exists for the transmission of microorganisms, a thermal disinfection or even an unpacked sterilization should be carried out. Where the transmission is low to very low, thermal disinfection is sufficient. For surfaces or apparatus, chemical disinfection with disinfectants, ultrasound, UV or ozone is suitable.

What instruments or tools can I enter into the sterilizer?

All instruments or working tools are suitable for the sterilizer, as long as they are not damaged or even broken by heat or steam.

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