Protective cover for beds with hole -...
Protective cover for beds with hole -...
Protective cover for beds with hole -...

Protective cover for beds with hole - 100 cm - grey

The advantages of this protective cover are:

  • Flexibility (for beds with a length of 200 cm and a width of 80-100 cm)
  • Fabric quality - 270 g/m² with a total of 80% cotton (top side 100%) and 20% polyester as the base fabric for best stability
  • Resistance to daily washing at 90°C
  • Dimensional stability and colour fastness

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The protective bed cover is an essential accessory in any salon. It protects the cushioning of the bed and thus prolongs its life and provides the client with a pleasant feeling to the touch.

Medixwell covers are designed for professional practical and studio use and can withstand daily long-term washing. They are dimensionally and colour consistent.

They are made from a premium terry material with a weight of 270 g/m², the top layer is a comfortable and sweat absorbent 100% cotton, the bottom layer is 80% cotton + 20% polyester for dimensional stability.

An elastic string around the entire perimeter allows you to tighten and secure the cover with a stopper according to the size of the bed.

Cover material:

Extra-long cotton yarn with special loop pattern is crafted with "puff technology", without too much tension and twisting. As a result, the finished cotton yarn has high durability while remaining "fluffy" and intensively absorbs water and sweat. 

Medixwell's premium terry is not simply dyed in an immersion bath, but is dyed using a special high-pressure dyeing process with very high pressure and temperatures of up to 140°C.

At this temperature, the colour pigments are pressed into the fibres. It can therefore be washed at temperatures up to 90°C and is suitable for tumble drying.

Thanks to the above, Medixwell covers are dimensionally stable and colourfast even after many washes.

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