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Facial steamer FERN
Facial steamer FERN
Facial steamer FERN

Facial steamer FERN

   The advantages of this steamer are:

    • Swivel arm
    • Automatically switch before overheating
    • Adjustable height
    • Wheels for easy movement

€132.00 €198.00 -20%
€158.40   Tax included


A facial steamer with ozone is an essential tool that all professional salons must have in their service offerings. This steamer is very easy to use. The steamer produces warm steam that helps to open and clean pores and also softens, moisturizes, rejuvenates the outer layers of the skin and also stimulates the blood circulation of the skin. This ozone vaporizer is equipped with a swivel head, height adjustable and has a stable base with 5 wheels for easy movement. It also features a built-in low-water detector that automatically shuts down the unit to protect it from overheating.

Product height
Product width
Product weight
Package weight
9.6 kg
Länge des Armes
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What is the ozone function good for?

The ozone function has an antiseptic, disinfectant effect and helps in the healing and regenerating processes of the skin.

Can the facial steamer also be filled with tap water?

Yes, it is possible to fill the steamer with tap water. However, the device must then be decalcified regularly (depending on the water hardness). When using tap water, it is recommended to descale the appliance weekly.

How to clean the facial steamer?

With descaling tablets of drug stores, the facial steamer can be cleaned well. Otherwise highly concentrated vinegar is recommended. After decalcification with tablets or vinegar, the appliance should run twice with clear water before it is used in treatments.

Can essential oils be used?

With this model you can use essential oils. The use of essential oils is only possible on some models. However, it is important never to fill essential oils in steamers that do not have the appropriate function. This could damage the unit.

How can I avoid that my steamer starts to "spit"?

Mostly this "spit" is a clogging of limescale deposits. The pipe is blocked by the lime and the steam can not leave the pipe like usual. Pressure builds up in the tube, the collected water is "spit out". In this case the appliance should be descaled as quickly as possible.

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