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    Vibrating body massager F-833
    Vibrating body massager F-833
    Vibrating body massager F-833
    Vibrating body massager F-833
    Vibrating body massager F-833
    Vibrating body massager F-833
    Vibrating body massager F-833

    Vibrating body massager F-833

       The advantages of this vibrating body massager are:

      • Easy manual operation
      • 5 different extensions
      • Mobile base with storage box
      • 5 degrees of intensity

    In stock
    €514.80   Tax included


    Using the body shaping device F-833, it works on specific problem parts of the body using various massage functions. The device is equipped with 5 different extensions.

    • Strong massage probe
    • Probe for rough skin, wrinkles and soft fat
    • Square probe for larger parts of the body
    • Probe for acupuncture points of the body
    • V-shaped probe for arms, neck and hip

    Different massage attachments are suitable for specific areas - this allows the release of fat cells and stimulation of collagen fibers for narrowing. The device supports the lymphatic system, stimulates muscles and contributes to weight loss and skin tension. The intensity can be regulated in up to 5 levels of intensity.

    The device is supplied with a base on wheels, which allows easy handling in the space and a container for storing extensions.

    Product height
    Product length
    Product width
    Product weight
    15 kg
    Package weight
    18.6 kg
    100 W
    Number of handpieces
    No reviews

    What is a Body Forming Machine?

    Body forming machines help to improve unwanted problem areas through massage, ultrasound or radio frequency function.

    How does the Body Forming Machine Work?

    Through the massage, the fetal cells are loosened and collagen fibers are toned to tighten, while ultrasound helps in the reduction of fat.

    Do I need to learn how to use the Bodyforming Machine before I can handle it?

    The desired objectives can only be achieved by a suitable application. A minimal dietary change and some exercise have to be performed additionally. Lymph nodes and the lymph circulation must work without problems during the cure, so that the decomposition can proceed without errors.

    Where can I use the Body Forming Machine?

    With the help of different attachments, the device can be used all over the body. Caution should be exercised if the skin is too thin. One should not work directly over bones and too thin skin.

    Can I use the Bodyforming Machine on all patients?

    No. In the case of the following contraindications, a doctor should be consulted prior to treatment: febrile conditions, inflammation, open wounds, tumors, heart pacemaker, epilepsy, circulatory disorders, bacterial infections, thrombosis, current operations, pregnancy, metal implants.

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