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    Diamond Dermabrasion F-336B
    Diamond Dermabrasion F-336B

    Diamond Dermabrasion F-336B

       The advantages of this diamond dermabrasion are:

      • LCD display
      • Possibility of storing the device on the device
      • Equipped with 9 diamond heads
      • 2 handles with vacuum system

    In stock
    €418.80   Tax included


    Diamond mikrodermabrasion F-336B  is mainly attracted by ultra-fine microcrystalline power through a vacuum in one pipe and sprayed on the skin surface at high speed to remove the dead skin precisely and accurately, and then sucked away by another pipe, so as to promote rapid regeneration of new skin tissue, stimulate blood circulation and accelerate metabolism. 

    Key features

    • Helps regenerate natural cells
    • Increases the production of collagen and elastin
    • Removes acne scars
    • Cleans black pores
    • Reduces and smoothes wrinkles

    Product height
    10 cm
    Product length
    33 cm
    Product width
    27.5 cm
    Product weight
    Package weight
    6 kg
    No reviews

    Does the use of the device require training in procedures?

    The procedures seem simple, but training is required. The desired effect can only be achieved with suitable know-how.

    Is it possible to order spare accessories for the device (filters, heads or probes, electrodes ...)?

    Yes, you can order replacement accessories for your device if it is available with the device.

    What happens if the device fails?

    If there is a problem and you have questions, you can always contact our service team. When making a complaint, please fill out our form: https://mimera.com/sk/reklamacny-formular/. We will then contact you.

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